DOZ Team


Take part in free preparations for DOZ Marathon Lodz! Organized classes of DOZ Team will be held every Wednesday and Sunday (from December 2017).



DOZ Team is an informal training group whose aim is to implement the preparatory program for DOZ Marathon Lodz. Runners will be divided into three groups - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Meeting place - Atlas Arena, gate nr.3 
Wednesday -  6:30 pm
Sunday - 9:00 am (every last Sunday of the month trainings are held in Arturówek - all groups, every first Sunday of the month trainings are held in Rudzki Forest, Popioły street - intermediate and advanced groups)

Advanced group - Mariusz Kotelnicki
Intermediate group - Ewa Ochmańska
Beginner group - 

Dbam o Zdrowie - Maraton Łódzki