1. Stroke Foundation  

Stroke Fundation is the first Polish non-governmental organization whose mission is to help people after stroke, their families and carers. Our foundation was organized by doctors, physiotherapists, physiologists, people who had stroke and their carers. The Foundation enjoys the broad support of medical profession.  In our activities we help people after stroke and we also focus on stroke prevention. We want to change the situation and the image of people after stroke in Poland. 

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 2. SOS Children's Villages   

Sometimes parents are unable to take care of their children, sometimes children lose their parents or never have a chance to get to know them: the SOS Wioski Dziecięce (SOS Children's Villages) Society was established to help just such children.
For 31 years we have been helping Polish children abandoned, orphaned or at risk of their families breaking up. We build homes full of love: SOS Children's Villages, and every day we do our best to encourage our patients to trust adults again and feel safe. Currently we have 1,455 children and young people in our care.
We believe that to be a good adult, you must first be a happy child. Please support us by running for our children.
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3. Foundation Iskierka   

The ISKIERKA (SPARK) Foundation works on behalf of children with cancer. In 2014 the Foundation won the Polish Business Council’s J. Wejchert Award for Social Initiatives. It not only supports the healing process (buying medicines and medical equipment, renovating the children's wards of hospital and funding research), but also helps children and their families through the most difficult stages of treatment.
In the fight against this disease, just as important as expensive drugs are optimism and positive attitudes, which is why ISKIERKA helps young patients "come to grips" with the disease and breaks down stereotypes, implementing original therapeutic and integration projects.
ISKIERKA’s activities always include the promotion of physical activity, helping patients overcome their limitations and motivating them to achieve small and greater goals. Over the past four years, the Foundation’s charges have won as many as 53 medals as the Polish national team at the International Young Cancer Survivors Olympic in Moscow, organized for children with cancer from 12 countries around the world. And so we were delighted to accept the invitation from the "Dbam o Zdrowie" (I Care for My Health) Foundation to participate in the Lodz marathon, and are busy preparing our team!
You too can dedicate your run to SPARK and take part in this great idea!
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Dbam o Zdrowie - Maraton Łódzki