General information

DOZ Marathon Lodz 2017 is promoting the modern charity model which combines a love to running with helping needful people. Each runner in the registration form for marathon or 5k run can join the „Biegam – Pomagam” action, by choosing an option in a registration form. You can donate a voluntary amount of money but no less than 5 PLN for choosen charity foundation.

This year's partners of action „Biegam – Pomagam” are: 

  1. Foundation Iskierka 
  2. Empowering Childen Foundation 
  3. Fundation Udar Mozgu

These organizations will try to get runners' support in following moths.

Money for these foundations can be conveyed also by donating at portal and By using these platforms each runner can open his own fund-raiser or help in other fund-raisers organized by other runners. 

The action "Biegam-Pomagam" is organized with the clue „Together we can do more”. It's goal is to show the problem of buying medicines, which is a problem of every fourth Pole.

DOZ Foundation is a head of it, from the first edition of marathon it is a social patron and coordinator of the action "Biegam-Pomagam".

Did you know that many Poles cannot afford the medicines they need? Our Foundation has taken note of this problem. The "Dbam o Zdrowie" (I Care for My Health) Foundation was created to deal with this social problem, namely Poles being unable to afford medicines and poor access to pharmaceutical products due to the difficult material situation of so many Poles. This Foundation was established by pharmacists who are faced with this problem on an everyday basis when talking with patients, who are mainly the elderly, suffering from many complaints. This problem is also increasingly affecting young people: single mothers, large families, and people struggling with chronic illnesses. The Foundation assists its beneficiaries in the purchase of medicines and medical materials. The Foundation’s beneficiaries are both individuals and institutions. To date, the Foundation has assisted about 20 thousand individuals and over 200 organizations. For more information about us please visit:

DOZ Foundation will help these organizations by doubling the amount of charitable donations of runners during registration.

We believe that marathon runners are a uniqe people, sensitive to other people's problems. We want to prove that running can serve a good cause.

Dbam o Zdrowie - Maraton Łódzki